Q: What is included in the $50.00 weave service?

A: You must come in with your hair shampooed and blown dry. A portion of your hair is left out either at the top, top and sides, or the perimeter (top sides and nape). The Dream comes with a basic trim and thermal style (basic flat iron). The Dream is our signature $50.00 weave service.

Q: Should I relax my hair before getting a sewin?

A: No, hair should not be relaxed before getting any braiding service. It is ok to relax any hair that will be left, but hair that will be braided up should not be relaxed.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: No, at this time we do not accept walk-ins. You must call to make an appointment.


Q: What is the difference between a partial sew in and a full enclosure sew in?

A: With a partial sew in a portion of the hair is left out. With a full enclosure all of the hair is braided.


Q: What are the benefits of using a net?

A: The net protects your braided hair and extends the life of your sew in by holding your braids more securely in place.


Q: Do you sell hair?

A: At this time we do not sell hair.


Q: What is the difference between a basic trim and a detailed cut?

A: A basic trim is included with all weave services. A basic trim involves trimming the ends of the hair so they appear even and neat. A detailed cut can be any hairstyle of your choice like layers, a bob, Chinese bangs, or a pixie cut.


Q: Do you shampoo hair?

A: No, you must come to the salon with your hair shampooed and blown dry. There is an additional $8.00 charge to blow dry wet hair. Services will not be performed if your hair is not clean.


Q: What types of closures are offered at Dreamweavers?

A: We offer glued in closures, sewn in closures, and invisible part closures that can either be glued in or sewn in.


Q: How long does the weave service take?

A: Expect to spend 3 to 4 hours obtaining a weave service. It can take less or more time depending on how busy the salon is on the day of your appointment.


Q: What is the difference between single and double tracking?

A: In the single tracking method one track is applied to one row of braid, while in the double tracking method two tracks are applied to one row of braid. Double tracking is an express weave technique. Your sew in will still appear flat and natural with our double tracking technique.



  1. Wait at least 3 weeks after a relaxer to get a sew in.
  2. If you do relax, only relax hair that will be left out.
  3. Get a trim and apply a deep conditioner before obtaining a weave service.
  4. To extend the life of your sew in, wash your hair at a minimum of every 2 weeks.
  5. Use a light pomade to smooth the edges of your hair.
  6. Do not overload your extensions with heavy oils, sprays, and other hair products.
  7. Wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf before you go to sleep to reduce tangles and snarls in your extensions. This also shortens your hairstyling time in the morning.
  8. Adding a net with you service can enhance your weave experience.